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Apr. 2nd, 2017 05:06 pm
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It feels like it's been years since Peggy's been back in London, at least for work. For the most part, she tries to avoid it given her history with her family and the romantic mistakes she's still trying to get away from. Unfortunately, while the army has given her quite the good excuse to always be somewhere else, there's been a crime committed in the heart of London and has taken one of her men. Accident, they whisper, but there's just a hint of foul play to make them bring in Peggy to investigate on the slim chance that this is no accident at all, but murder.

"Excuse me," she says to the desk sergeant when she arrives, tapping red painted nails on the desk as she waits for her badge to be printed. "Where would I find Stella Gibson?" It's the name she's been given to liaise with on the case, even if Peggy intends to do things her own way. This is no stranger, but one of the original boys she'd trained, who had been found in a room with a suicide note and a length of rope that Peggy didn't trust.

He would never take his life like that, not willingly. The woman at the desk refers Peggy down the hall once the pass is printed. She bends to pick up her briefcase and coat, pinning the badge to her white blouse. It feels odd to be out of uniform, but the black slacks and heels make her feel strong and confident even if she doesn't have the uniform. Peggy had never been under the same restrictions as others, but she had tried to fall in line when she could, for morale.

The short break from that is a benefit, even if the reason for it is awful.

Rapping her knuckles lightly on the door before her, she transfer her briefcase to the other hand as she peers inside. "DSI Gibson?" Peggy says promptly, standing at full attention in the doorway. "I'm Lieutenant Carter, I believe someone has phoned about my coming here?" she notes expectantly.
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Ever since the party at Magnus' mansion and her conversation with Peggy, she's been singularly focused on one single thing. Her job search has fallen aside, the self-defense classes have only received a paltry amount of attention, and she's been glad that not much has come up to require her with Reese's project. Her birthday is in a matter of days and there's only one thing that she wants. It's time for her to tell Daniel the important truths about the time in between them.

She's sent him a proper postal invitation to dinner, but has followed it up with text and email just to ensure that he doesn't miss it. She's found herself a perfectly suitable blue dress that's equal parts modern and vintage and the heels match her lipstick perfectly. These are the easy parts, of course. Setting up plans is child's play for a spy like Peggy, but what matters is the part where she has to now execute the plans.

That involves her feelings and being honest about them. She'd struggled with that even back home to the point that she'd let her actions speak for her, but if she wants anything to happen, she needs to do something here. Near eight, she sits herself at the table she's reserved in her dress and her loose hair and a mission in mind.

Now comes her challenge in convincing Daniel that in the time between them, things have changed, and for the better when it comes to the two of them.
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Peggy suspects that jumping right to dinner with Daniel might be a little too much for them, but there's nothing against lunch. Certainly, not when Peggy is also trying to avoid certain appointments so that she's not told something that she already knows -- she's healing slowly because she's pushing too fast and it will never fully feel the way it used to. Still, with her phone on the table, she gives Daniel a brief smile as she excuses herself from the table to freshen up, once she's finished eating. "Order me a tea, please," she says. "Tell them it's for me, they'll prepare it right."

She slides away, but leaves her purse and phone with the knowledge that Daniel will keep them safe. There are still the case files she'd brought for them to discuss and she has high faith that he won't simply leave.

However, what she hadn't anticipated was a very irate nurse sending Peggy a text to the number on file with a very curt message: Ms. Carter, you have missed two appointments. Please be at our offices for 2PM today for your follow up. The tone is angry enough, but the two follow up messages reminding her are no less firm, the last giving a long (as long as possible) explanation of the complications that might arise.

Peggy returns, blissfully unaware, and settles back in her spot. "Did they come by to take the order?" she asks hopefully.
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It's not that Peggy comes to the Stork Club at seven with any intention of seeing Steve. She comes because she's made a promise and had even gone out to purchase the dress. The war's not close to being over, but she's convinced Col. Phillips to give her the night off and the next day and the week after that, which has her travelling with any Commando willing to take her and then Howard's plane, making it there with time to spare to buy a red dress that hugs tightly to every curse while still being properly modest. Her earliness means that she has time to buy herself a drink and linger by the bar anxiously, demurely denying those who have asked her to dance.

She's determined to ignore the fact that every passing tick of the clock brings her closer to a date that's never going to happen because the last time she spoke to Steve, his communication was crackling to a dead stop over the Atlantic, taking her future away with it. She's turning to get a second drink when a man catches her by the elbow and tries to pour on the charm in a way that would put Howard to shame, nearly causing Peggy to smack him unconscious.

"I've a date," she says, which is both true and not. It's true enough if she ignores the fact that Steve is...well, she's not even going to think the word, even though there's little chance that Steve is anything but a corpse lying in the icy ocean, cold and alone and so far from her. She hadn't been sitting there planning her life and future with him, but the loveliest hint of hope and possibility had been there.

It was just the idea that one day, she could be with someone so kind-hearted and brave and noble as Steve. The war would be over and they could have lives. What a world that would be, to allow her such a happiness. "One more drink," she says to the bartender. "Martini, neat," she requests, her pocketbook on the bar as she keeps her back to the door as the clock ticks from 7:58 to 7:59.
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    Name: Margaret "Peggy" Carter
    Canon: Agent Carter
    Scrubs Color: Navy Blue
    Visible Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5
    Physique: Curvy with decent muscles, but slim
    Complexion: Fair
    Hygiene: Always extremely well put together
    Hair: Chestnut brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Defining Marks: Two bullet wounds in the upper shoulder, a large healing scar on her stomach from being impaled by a rebar, and other small wounds and scars from the war and her job
    Accent/Speech: Upper class London accent
    Bearing/Demeanor: Peggy is extremely well put together and carries herself in a professional, elegant manner. That said, when it comes to fighting, she's a brawler who will use anything around her in order to get the upper hand. She's very stubborn and has immensely high standards to live up to.
    Gait: Very graceful, but quick and to the point when she needs to be
    Habits: Peggy's main habits are ruled by her work. Her habits and hours are typically based around what her current assignment is and this will transfer to any situation as she allows whatever her first priority is to be the thing that governs her habits.
    Skills: Excellent with her fists and other forms of hand-to-hand combat. She's well skilled in cryptography and the facets of espionage. Peggy can mimic many accents, speaks Russian, and is a loyal friend and willing to do anything she can to help someone she cares about.


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